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Juan Pozo
Marcel Pozo

"In short, don't be afraid of art and, above all, enjoy it"

Moose Barcelona1

Since I was little I have been attracted to everything that involves handcrafting. I needed to somehow express the ideas that came to my head. I modeled impossible figures, tried to paint realistic details, or smeared shapes and colors on paper. I remember my childhood surrounded by brushes, play dough and cardboard.

Moose-Barcelona - Maldestre Hupipotam

Nothing has changed. I am passionate about everything that has to do with painting and sculpture, design and architecture. Being able to capture ideas, feelings and everything you imagine for the mere fact of wanting to do it, even though being aware of your limitations.

In short, don’t be afraid of art and, above all, enjoy it

I hope you enjoy it.

Juan Pozo